Different Types of Packing

The bitumen packaging classifies to three different types such as New Steel Drum, Jumbo Bag ( Big Bag) , and Bulk (Special Tankers) that according to their specification, bitumen volume and weight, the best type of packaging will be chosen.
For Other Products, Packaging will be used based on the clients request.


Drum Packing 

Drum is one of the most applicable packaging type of bitumen that can be used for almost all the grades of bitumen, which are shipped into containers and vessels.
150 Kg Drum
190 Kg Drum

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Jambo Bag (Big Bag)

Large bags with high flexibility are made of polypropylene fiber fabrics, and the layer inside is made of nylon
It has a high heat tolerance and melts at 160 degrees Celsius. Jumbo bag is the best option for exporting bitumen. The one-ton bags (1000 kg ) shape and volume is optimized for maximum loading which are easy to ship.





Flexi Tank

is a liquid petrochemical packing. It is suitable for liquid bitumen product. Flexitank material ensures that the body is not damaged when the molten bitumen is loaded. Being cost-effective and eco-friendly have made this type of packing popular in different industries.

Tanker Bulk

Bulk (Tanker)

Bulk bitumen is the most economical method of exporting bitumen. Transportation of this kind of Bitumen is done though Tanker and vessels.

Shipping Services

We provide different Transportation and Shipping modes based on the client's request. 

Tanker (Bulk), Containers for Drum, Containers for Jambo Bag, Flexi Tank (Containers) and Container & Bulk Vessels.

Bulk Filling


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