Drums Manufacturing Factory

Our company is able to produce new steel drums with different capacities based on your choice and uses for bitumen packing and export to around the world. The capacity of production is 17000 drums per day packing is available based on client’s choice.

The most common and standard drums for bitumen have the body Thickness of 0.6 mm. Height of the drums are 98 cm for standard drums and 86 cm for small drums (140 KG and 155 KG net drums), however we have the required tools to adjust the height of the drums, based on the customer’s choice.


Our Storage Capacity

Feed stock & products steel storage tanks with
net capacity of 57.000 Ton and also concrete tanks
with capacity of 150,000 Ton.
Yard of huge area enough for storage of
500,000 drums.


Oxidation Unit

Unka Sun has 8 standard oxidation towers connected to the VDU that can produce very high quality of oxidized bitumen with different grades.


Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)

In petroleum refining, the VDU is a secondary processing unit that further refines heavier oils left over after the crude oil feedstock is initially run through the atmospheric distillation unit, also known as the crude distillation unit. Unka Sun has (2000 Mt/day) Vacuum Distillation Unit which can produce Lube-oil (Lubricant), Gas Oil and Vacuum Residue.

Drum Fliing

Drums Filling

We always use New Steel Drums for packing. Drums vary in terms of net weight capacity, height and body thickness.