About Us​


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Since 2019, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable products to serve them all.

UNKA SUN is a story of passion, hard work, knowledge and experience of all the staff, management and the stakeholders of the company. The Family will remain assigned and committed for the best services in oil & gas industries, trading, and construction sectors to all our Valued Customers.

UNKA SUN believes in building trust, reliability and credibility with all our stakeholders, this includes principles and customers via our experience, expertise, quality and appropriate responses. UNKA SUN believes in teamwork and intends to meet the objective of being a strong leader in our work circle both local and international market and the region.

Social Responsibility

We feel responsible towards the society in which we operate.
We adhere to the laws of the countries where we do business.
We also believe that “it is normal to help”, and therefore we invest significant financial resources in the non-profit sector every year, this especially involves the areas of culture, health care, sport and education.



Building high quality internal and external cooperative relationships, by inspiring people working together safely to deliver excellent service.
Realizing our Vision by
-Investing in people, technology, and assets.
-Upholding the principles of Responsible Care
-Continuously improving everything we do
-Delivering value to our customers
-Zero Customer Returns or Exchanges
-99% On-Time Delivery
-99% Customer Satisfaction.


Creating Value for Shareholders and stakeholders, by delivering scientific and technological based solutions by focusing on properly identifying the root of the problem this forces us to recommend the best products in bitumen and lube oil industry.

Attracting stakeholders by investing and developing safe, environment friendly, reliable facilities to meet and exceed customer needs and stakeholders expectations to motivate our group employee.


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • One Team
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Caring for People