About us

UNKA SUN : is a global bitumen company active in Iraq – Kurdistan region. our company located in Iraq – sulaimani – Arabat, it is one of the market leaders in the supply a wide range of bitumen products, such as oxidized bitumen (blown asphalt), penetration graded bitumen (asphalt), viscosity crude (VG) bitumen, our brand products have captured the substantial share of the market due to high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The purpose of our company is rendering more efficient service to the clients.


Is engaged in the manufacturing, processing, packing, modifying, upgrading, and exporting of bitumen on a global scale.


Has adequate infrastructure and expert human resources and uses modern equipment and technologies for the production of bitumen, we supply our materials for use in the roads, construction, and general civil engineering industry.

Our Vision

This company’s goals are to produce and supply bitumen with modern and global standards. for this reason, we try to become the largest producer and supplier of bitumen different types in the world at the right prices for our customers..

About us

This department combining highly academic employees and benefiting from potentials in private sector has begun its activity since 2000. This department in accordance to practical and developmental researches puts on an agenda to achieve their goals as follows:

Adaptation, modification, innovation and development of techniques according to international standards.

Reducing the cost of end products and raw materials.

communication and cooperation with internal universities and scientific research centers.

Increasing the productivity and optimization of processes.

Waste management and reducing environmental pollutions.


Our company has been generated one of the most equipped specialized laborites by using automatic modern laboratory equipment. Our bitumen specialized laboratory services include the following list of test methods

List of Test Methods

# Test type Test method
1 Penetration ASTM D5
2 Softening point ASTM D36
3 Ductility ASTM D113
4 Specific gravity ASTM D70
5 Solubility in TCE ASTM D2042
6 Loss on heating ASTM D6
7 Flash point ℃ (C.O.C) ASTM D92
8 Kinematic viscosity ASTM D2170
9 Dynamic viscosity ASTM D2071
10 TFOT ASTM D1754
11 Ash Content ASTM D482
12 Water content ASTM D95
13 Separation of asphalt in to four fractions ASTM D4124

Tests after loss on heating

(i) retained penetration

(ii) retained ductility